To be able to participate in the NBH Award, you must first register on the NBH Award official website. By registering on the NBH Award official website, you may then follow the steps outlined in the How to Participate to submit your participation

Signing up on the official NBH Award website is compulsory to get all the needed information about you and help us communicate with you. It is also the only way to gain access to the NBH Award Submission Portal, which allows you to participate and track the status of your submissions easily. The NBH Award website also provides you with several networking features to allow you to communicate with other creative individuals all over the world, share your portfolio in our Innovation Directory and more.

The NBH Award has two main websites; the NBH Award Official Website, and the NBH Award Submission Portal.

This website is the NBH Award Official Website, which provides you with all the information you need about the NBH Award, and allows you to create your profile and manage your portfolio that is visible on our Innovation Directory as well as interact with other NBH Award participants.

The NBH Award Submission Portal is the website, which you use to submit your participation/project to the NBH Award, for a chance to win in the NBH Award. The only way to submit a participation/project is through the Submission Portal. No e-mail submissions or any other kind of submission will be accepted.

There are two ways to access the NBH Award Submission Portal:

  1. By clicking on the Submit Your Entry button at the bottom of the How to Participate
  2. If you already created your account on our website, and already navigated from our website to the Submission Portal at least once, you can then sign in from the Submission Portal directly. However, you must set a new password for your account on our Submission Portal.

You can only access the NBH Award Submission Portal directly, if you have previously navigated from our website to the Submission Portal. Once you navigate from our website to the Submission Portal, you have to set a new password for your account on our Submission Portal to be able to log in directly from there.

The ‘Status’ shows you which stage your entry (project) is currently in. Your project can be in the following states;

  1. In Progress: if you are still editing your Entry before submitting it.
  2. Submitted: you have filled all required fields and have submitted your project to the competition, once submitted your project enters the first stage of Judging Process, the Verification Stage.
  3. Disqualified

Click here for more details about the stages of the Judging Process.

The ‘Feedback’ shows you if there is any feedback from the Judging Panels (Verification, Quality Auditing, or Judging Panel) to your project. If there is a dash ‘-’ then there is no feedback, otherwise there is a feedback image to represent you have feedback and you can click on it to view the feedback on your project.

As soon as you submit your project through our Submission Portal, you will receive an automated e-mail informing you that we have received your email if we have received successfully.

As soon as the Verification Panel, or the Quality Auditing Panel provides you feedback on the Submission Portal, the committee will send you an email to inform you to check the Submission Portal to review the feedback.

If your project has been disqualified, you will also be informed by email.

Be sure to check you’re the Submission Portal from time to time to follow up on your projects.

Yes, the NBH Award allows you to participate in as many categories as you can, as long as you comply to the NBH Award General Terms & Conditions, and to the Category-Specific Rules of the category you wish to participate in.

The Innovation Directory is a platform for the participants of the NBH Award to network with other creative people around the globe. You can post your projects and work into the Innovation Directory for the world to see.

Your projects into submitted into the Innovation Directory are not accounted for the NBH Award competition

No, using the Innovation Directory is optional. It is an additional feature/platform that can be used to connect with other creative minds and explore their projects.

You can upload your Portfolio Projects in the Innovation Directory by the doing the following:

  1. Click on your profile picture on the website menu to visit your profile
  2. Select “My Portfolio” in your profile to see an overview of your portfolio projects
  3. Click on “New Portfolio Project” to start creating your Portfolio Project for the Innovation directory
  4. Select an NBH Award Category which you believe best fits your project.
  5. Optionally select a Tag(s) to make your Portfolio Project more searchable
  6. Add a “Category” and “Tags” to your Portfolio Project, add a title, content and an image (optional) and then click save.

Your Portfolio Project will then be reviewed by a moderator and will be available to the world after being approved.

You can see Projects by others in the Innovation Directory by selecting it from the menu. It will take you to the main Innovation Directory page with all the Projects, you can further filter the Projects either by selecting any of the categories or tags available (on the right or bottom of your screen depending on your screen size).

Yes, posts in the Innovation Directory can be liked or commented on to allow users to interact and communicate with people from all over the world. You can also share any of the Projects you like on your Social Media account.

The use of tags is entirely optional. But each project must be attached to at least one category.

Your project will appear in the topics listed of any tags or categories you use. Therefore, assigning tags and categories to your project increases the chance that other users will see your content.

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